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Prince Cameron
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Shush!!!! The young Prince Cameron sleeping in his royal bed
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The Young Prince enjoyed catching fish for the royal supper table.
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The Prince was a very athletic lad and told his father he did not want to sit in the royal castle all day, so he started playing football with the all the lords in the land while the Ladies were definitely in waiting!
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Then came the time the young Prince pondered the day when he would sit on the royal thrown and become the king of BLUgenes!
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The young Prince and heir to the thrown was an excellent horseman and enjoyed riding his hunter show horse, Stinger Dee, in the early morning hunts. He also enjoyed jousting with the Knights of the castle and won many favors from the many fair maidens.
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The young Prince was taught the duties of a king in the best schools in the land. He went on to graduate and earn the respect of the king, for he had learned honesty, compassion, and all the things necessary to make him a great king. So now he is ready for when the day would come for him to sit on the thrown and take his place as king of the land of BLUgenes as he graduated with an Environmental Science Degree, VA Tech, Virginia.
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