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peace.jpg (16304 bytes) Multi-CAC/IB/BOB Win. Peachstone Della Dolce Sinfonia
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Multi-CH., Jr. Vice World CH., FCI Repro. CH. Symbol Change
World CH.,Int'l CH. My Precious Keep-Up 
CH. Turyanne Shannon of Shamrock 
My Precious Guitar Girl
Multi CAC/IB/BOB Meadpark Italian Surprise 
ENG. CH. Meadpark Personality Plus  
Meadpark Fantasy
Multi-CAC/IB/BOB Win. Love Holiday Dolce Sinfonia World CH. M'Nishi Of Millmoor

Multi-CH. My Precious Joss II
Multi-CH./Am CH. Getback Of Millmoor
Tenderly Dolce Sinfonia Win. Bolero Della Zagara
Meadpark Cassy's Image

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