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BLUgenes Royal Gypsy Jewels
BLUgenes Gucci Girl
Wycketicecreama.jpg (13928 bytes) BLUgenes Sir Wee Willow-Wyck

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Kingsley's Sir Wee Willowby
CH. Royal Line Tuff-Stuff
CH. Barbees Notorious
CH. Cede Higgins
CH. Bar Bee Polka Dot
Paradise A Touch Of Magic
Paradise Pandemonium
CH. T C's Touch
of Paradise
Kingsley's Peaches 'N Cream CH. Royal Line Tuff-Stuff
CH. Barbees Notorious
Paradise A Touch Of Magic
Kingley's Scooter-Pie
CH. Lordean's Tuff-E-Nuff

Kingley's Tinker-Toy
Tobar Estugo Picture of Pagan "Suzy"
CH. Jen's Santana CH. Northshire Racing Silk
Northshire Smooth As Silk

Northshire Rerun
CH. Jen's Christina CH. Jen's Robinhood Peppercorn
Ambesil Sweet N' Evil
CH. Tobar's Not Fancy Jus Fabulous CH. Andora Charlie Mac-Ken-Char
CH. Jentre Andora Jetsetter

CH. Andora's Coquelicot
Thluka's Toya of Tobar

CH. Thluka's Gold Nugget

CH. Raabe's Gert

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