The Royal Family
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Steve.jpg (37394 bytes) In the royal castle lives the King. This king is known throughout the land as the kind, gentle, caring king. He is loved by all his family and the animals of the kingdom. It is known that he is a good man because he has such a special way with all the Royal Yorkies throughout the kingdom.
Cam-6.5yrsold-TrinityWin.jpg (46116 bytes) All castles must have a royal prince to carry on the thrown of the king. In this castle there is Prince Cameron. While he is a handsome young prince indeed, he is also known as just prince who has acquired the king's honorable ways.
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Whitney4yrs.JPG (44862 bytes) In this castle there is also a little Princess. This is a beautiful Princess with golden hair. She was the fairest damsel in all the land, and every young prince around wanted to have her hand in marriage.
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BowardFamily.JPG (60184 bytes) The Royal Family all together in the Royal Family Room.
The Queen Jane of BLUgenes
Prince Cameron of BLUgenes
King Steve of BLUgenes
Princess Whitney of BLUgenes

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