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"Yorkshire Terrier Treasures"

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If you LOVE Yorkies, you have to have this beautiful Yorkie jewelry inspired by "Multi-Ch. Original of Millmoor"
Jane Jordan Boward, CGRS, owner
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Yorkie Originals, Ltd.   Jewelry presents...
The first in a series of new Designer Jewelry...
"Original of Millmoor" Series of Beverly hills

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Yorkie Original, LTD.
P.O. Box 472
Staunton, VA  24402
(540) 885- 1357

E-mail us if you have any questions
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Jewelry Price List And Ordering Instructions
Designs available in 14k. Gold and Sterling Silver.
Two choices available in Sterling Silver:
Antiqued Sterling Silver &
White washed Sterling Silver (the Platinum~look)


#PE120G--14kt. Gold $120.00

#PE35A -- Antiqued Sterling Silver $35.00

#PE35W - White Washed Silver  $35.00


#R215G -- 14Kt. Gold $215.00

#R65A --   Antiqued Sterling Silver $65.00

#R65W -- White Washed Silver  $65.00


#PI285G -- 14kt. Gold $285.00

#PI65A  -- Antiqued Sterling Silver $65.00

#PI65W -- White Washed Silver  $65.00


#B895G --  14Kt. Gold    $895.00

#B200A -- Antiqued Sterling Silver  $200.00

#B200W -- White Washed Silver  $200.00

Chain   (for Pendant)

#N125G -- 14Kt. Gold     $125.00

#N25A -- Antiqued Sterling Silver $25.00

#N25W - White Washed Silver  $25.00


#E240G -- 14Kt. Gold  $240.00

#E65A -- Antiqued Sterling Silver  $65.00

#E65W -- White Washed Silver   $65.00

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We accept Checks & Credit Cards
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Custom Orders:  To add Stones to jewelry

Add $12.50 ea. for Sapphires, Emeralds, or Rubies
Contact us for price quote on Diamonds

Shipping & Handling:
All Jewelry is shipped insured, 1st Class mail
Add:  $10.00 for orders under $500.00
$16.95 on orders from $500~$1,000.00
$19.95 for orders over $1,000.00
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Sales Tax: add 4.5% tax (VA residents only)

3 ways To order:

1) Phone order:    Call us at (540) 885- 1357.

2)Email: Click on email box below to bring up email and Send us the following information:
1) The jewelry item #(s), Quantity, and your choice: Gold or Sterling Designs.
2) Your name, address, phone #, and email address.
3) Major credit card type (Visa, Master Card, or Amex), account # and Expiration date.
4)Remember to add tax if you are a VA resident.

We will figure the total of your order with shipping and will send you confirmation of the order by return email.

3) Snail Mail order: Click on the jewelry box below to go to the printable order form. Print out form. Fill in information and send along with check, money order, or credit card information.

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Email Me

Cick Here for the
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Jewelry Order Printout form


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