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The Royal Friends Links

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Dolce Sinfonia
Yorkshire Terriers
Ponderosa Luv Me Babies
Luv Me Babies
Shooter's Home Page
Shooters Home Page
Kamegko Yorkies
Yorkshire Terriers
Prinmar Yorkies
Prinmar Yorkies
Laura's Yorkies
Laura's Yorkies
Yorkie Stamp
Yorkshire Terrier Home Page
Scrumptious Yorkshire Terriers

Scrumptious Yorkshire Terriers
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Rhapsody Yorkshire Terriers
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Vassar Square Yorkies
Milacres Yorkshire Terriers
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Ann Christins Yorkshire Terriers
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Jo-Nel Yorkshire Terriers
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No PuppyMills

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The Royal Web Rings

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The Show Dog Webring
This Show Dog site is owned by BLUgenesYorkshire Terriers.
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This Yorkshire Terrier Web Ring site is
owned by BLUgenes Yorkshire Terriers

This Camelot Yorkies Web Ring site owned by BLUgenes Yorkshire Terriers.
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Camelot Yorkies Web Ring ver. 1.1!

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The Original Webring of Yorkshire Terrier

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links to Yorkshire Terrier Pet Products pages

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Creations by Terri

Original Yorkie Doll &
Ceramic Gifts
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Coat care products
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The color Coordinated
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Cosette's Closet

Yorkie bows clothing & organic biscuits
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Nightingale's dolls
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Designer Pet Beds
For all your pets bedding
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Fi-Fi's Pet Furniture

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Informational links to Health Problems affecting the Yorkshire Terrier

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The Queens Royal Jewels

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The Royal BLUgenes Yorkshire Terriers

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The Royal
Family Scrapbook

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To the Royal
Index page

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The Royal Awards

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      Cool Site Award
Shooter's Cool Site Award
Awarded to BLUgenes
2/11/99--Thanks Shooter
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Awarded to BLUgenes Yorkies
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Awarded to BLUgenes Yorkies

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BLUgene's Yorkshire Terriers
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